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Dry Tech Aerogels (DTA) is a leading manufacturing company which specializes in Nano Technology, Aerogels and Biological solutions. Dry Tech Aerogels (DTA) searched for absolute green products to provide our country and the world with environmentally friendly products and discovered the unbelievable properties of Nano technologies more specifically Nano Aerogels, Nano Zeolites and Nano Diatomaceous Earth and many more Nano Minerals, this research started as early as 2009 and established in 2016 for the rollout of products.

As research on Nano Technology commenced in early 2009 there was found to be no usable information at universities, books or the internet. Companies in the field were unwilling to assist in making this opportunity a success. Therefore, Willie Coetzee founder of DTA and a BSc graduate also with a MBA from the University of Wales decided to qualify himself into two other BSc directions nl. Physics in Nano technology and minerals and Chemical Engineering. He studied at the NWU in Potchefstroom under Professors AAP Lotter and Jan du Preez. It took several years to break through into Nano aerogels and product formulation. He also studied paint and coating formulation under Phillip Green of SCR Chemicals a professional training company in paint formulation, Phillip came from the UK with more than 40 years of experience.

Currently DTA is focusing on four product lines. These product lines include Specialized Coatings and Paints, Waste Water Treatments, Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions making use of enzyme producing bacteria as well as a flourishing Agricultural Range. Under these lines there are a wide range of products for all different types of challenges and opportunities that the world presents. Currently DTA is the only company in Africa with Nano technology and ability to manufacture and apply it. With a dedicated team to ensure great quality products accompanied by great quality service. We also cater to individual needs in special cases and strive to make a difference in the world, leaving it better than we found it, ensuring a better future to those left behind.

About Nano Technology

DTA joined the research into silica and other types of aerogels in 2010 and made several discoveries of world first technologies.

Aerogels is 1 of the 10 new world changing materials which is also known as Frozen Smoke, aerogels is the lightest solid material which is derived from a gel in which the liquid is replaced with gas. A simple explanation in gelatine, in the process of making jelly, as soon as the jelly has set and one removes all the moisture, what is left is a sugar structure, this example is DTA’s technology can be seen as an aerogel.

Aerogels is a nano porous solid air gel with a low density as well as low thermal conductivity. Aerogels has excellent insulative properties, high surface area coverage, great oil absorption, gas filtration, low sound speed and it is CO2 absorbent.

Aerogels also has a dendritic micro structure with a low dielectric constant a low refractive index. With regards to Nano Technology it is one of the strongest know oxidants when incorporated into water, it is 70-120nm of size or 2500 times smaller than a grain of salt. With the use of Nano particles it can remove oil, colloids, fine particles, solids, fats and grease, it also inhibits the characteristics of strong UV protection.

Nano particles are naturally buoyant giving it a wide surface area coverage and remains effective for longer periods of time. It has a strong negative surface charge that keeps the particles stable and enables them to continuously participate in and stimulate physical, biological and chemical reactions.

Nano Technology is not simply working at even smaller dimensions, rather working at Nano Scale enables scientists to understand and utilize the unique physical, chemical, mechanical and optical properties of materials that occur at the scale.

Over time nature has perfected the art of biology at Nano scale. Many of the inner workings of cellsoccur at Nano scale. For example, Haemoglobin, the protein that carrier oxygen through the body is 5.5 Nano Meters in diameter. A strand of DNA, the building blocks of life is only 2 Nano Meters in diameter.

Other fields are also benefiting from an understanding of natural Nano Technology. DTA scientists are exploring the use of molecular self-assembly, self-organization, and quantum mechanics to create novel platforms. Other researchers are using Nanomaterials to develop nature-inspired systems for artificial photosynthesis to harness solar energy.

The applications of nanotechnology, commonly incorporate industrial, medicinal, and agricultural uses. These include more durable construction materials, therapeutic drug delivery, and much more accurate and less dosage of organic fertilizer that are environmentally friendly.

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