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Veraison is the term used to describe the onset of ripening, going hand in hand with colour change for example the green to purple in red grapes and a general softening of the grape berry. This product is a refined matrix combination, containing a variety of amino acids, biological enzymes and active peptides that might increase sweetness, veraison, brighten, bigger, increase in production & therefore an increase in income. Atom8 XMD Wash could promote rooting, flowering, fruit setting, anti-cracking fruit, and adding colour. It can promote the ripening of melons, fruits, citrus, stone fruit, grapes and vegetables, and add sweetness and refreshment, early sale, durable storage and transportation.

  • 1. Nutritional, non-toxic, fully water-soluble, no residue, free of hormones and pesticides;
  • 2. Contains a variety of amino acids and rich biological enzymes, active peptides;
  • 3. Mainly used in the middle and/or later stages of crop growth, making crops mature in advance, and promotes rooting and flowering, increasing crop colour and sweetness.

    Applicable crops This product can be used in various economic crops such as grapes, cherries, citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, apples, mangoes, lychees, avocados and many more.


  • Mix well before use
  • Dilute the product 800-1000 times when the fruit enters the Veraison stage, and spray on the foliage and fruit.
  • Dilute 300-500 times with this product and apply it to the soil, which can activate the rhizosphere and possibly reduce pests and diseases.
  • Use 500- 800 litre per hectare
  • Mixture pH: 5.5 – 6.5

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