Atom8 – WAC12

Product Information

WAC12 offers an edible defensive barrier against bacterial and fungicide contamination and loss of moisture from the surface of food products, thus extending their shelf life. With limited increase in the concentration of chitosan derivative coating and lemon essential oils the beneficial effect of the matrix on postharvest life and quality of the food is enhanced. Atom8, FC is a biodegradable biocompatible polymer derived from natural renewable resources with numerous applications in various fields, and one of which is the area of edible films and coatings.

As an edible coating material Atom8, FC has been reported that it may extending the postharvest life of many crops while reducing moisture loss, respiration, ethylene production, ripening, softening, controlling the decay, and maintaining fruit quality, along with storability.

  • Packaging: 1 – 25 liter containers as a concentrate 1:10
  • Mixing: Mix concentrate well 1:10 in water pH 6!!

    Please ensure water pH is 6!!

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