Atom8 SM10 Soil Master

A brand new product for agricultural use, designed by Dry Tech Aerogels with a combination of the latest and state of the art technologies, Nano Bubbles (Oxygen), Nano Zeolite, water soluble Nano Oligosaccharides, Agricultural Enzymes and Nano Humic/Fulvic Acid in a soluble matrix, Nano powder and granule concentrations that are mixed into water for Nano bubble reaction, activation of enzymes and dispersion of Nano zeolite clinoptilolite for soil conditioning.

These Nano Sizes range from 40nm – 70nm. Not only did we address soil health but also possible improvement in photosynthesis by increasing the activity rate of the Rubisco enzyme responsible for photosynthesis.

Available in Liquid, Granule and Powder Format

  • Increase in photosynthesis through the Rubisco enzyme.
  • Increase in oxygen levels. (Nano Bubbles)
  • Nano zeolite enables decontamination, removal of toxins and is a great water based inoculant.
  • Result can be an increase in crop yield, quality and production.
  • Increased biological activity and lateral spread of water, proteins and nutrients.
  • Improvement in ground water retention capacity and temperature adjustments.
  • Activation of plant immune system ability to respond to stress, illnesses and increased self defence against natural elements.
  • SM10-Soil Master is safe to use and 100% natural, it has a positive effect on the plant’s DNA & RNA.
  • Stimulation of plant growth and increased soil and enzyme activity.
  • It can increase seed germination and respiration levels.
  • It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, maintaining the good and eliminating the bad.
  • It is 100% bioavailable through Nano particle size.
  • Microbes can place carbon back into the soil.


  • Shake well before use
  • Dosage 1:100
  • Mix 5L Liquid per 500L water
  • Once mixed use within 2 -3 days
  • 5L product with water may treat up 3.3 hectares
  • Mixture pH MUST be 5.5 – 6.5


  • 1kg on 1 hectares
  • Add granule in traditional planter and adjust to plant per kg.


  • Wet seeds with wetting agent before coating.
  • 1kg Seed Powder coats 100kg seed.
  • When working with developed plants, wet roots and dip in Seed Powder.
  • 1kg may treat up to 4 hectares

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