Atom8 Nano Ph Shift

Soils can become acidic through the application of fertilisers, nutrient uptake by crops or soil chemistry. Acidic soils can reduce the availability of nutrients or impede root development to negatively impact crop growth, alongside promoting the development of certain diseases such as club root in Brassica.

These Nano Sizes range from 40nm – 70nm. Not only did we address soil health but also possible improvement in photosynthesis by increasing the activity rate of the Rubisco enzyme responsible for photosynthesis.

(Recommended pH value for Atom8 product mixture= 5.5 – 6.5) Nano pH Shift is an emulsion of Nano size lime achieved through the use of patented surfactant technology which can be applied directly to the soil as a liquid. This facilitates fast-acting, precise control of soil pH to help growers achieve optimum conditions for their crops.


  • Shake/Mix product well before use
  • 10/12 liters Nano pH Shift blended into 250L of water per ha per application.
  • Apply during planting in the plant hole.
  • Apply pH Shift Between pH 4.5 – 5 = 10 – 12 liters/Ht.
  • Apply pH Shift Between pH 5 – 6.5 = 4 – 5 liters/Ht.

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