Elementum 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

Interior / Exterior / Roof / Clear / Insulation Coating

Product Information

These Coatings is a water-borne combination of high performance acrylics, aerogels and additives which produces a non-flammable yet tough flexible coating film. These Coatings contains aerogels that is unique product that blocks sunrays and UV, and a non-flammable additive making it excellent insulation coating. It is a revolutionary paint matrix which contains highly reflective and massively durable heat reflective platelets and silica microspheres. The paint matrix creates a solvent free, water repellent, yet breathable ‘skin’. These coatings keeps the walls of a building dry, therefore preventing heat loss through thermal conduction and evaporative cooling. The reflective characteristics of the paint significantly reduces heat gain from solar warming in the summertime but in wintertime keep the heat in. These Coatings contains Nano silica spheres and Nano reflectors enabling a property that have a block to emissivity.

Minimum spread rate

Apply Coating at a minimum of 0,8mm wet/0,5mm dry over the highest peaks of the surface profile.

Directions of Use

  • Mix well before use. Very well!
  • Only pour out the amount of paint needed, and put a piece of plastic on top of paint before closing the lid.
  • Do not leave paint can open for extended periods of time.
  • Ensure surface is clean, oil free and dry.
  • Can be applied with a spray gun, brush or roller.
  • First coat cover, IF second coat is needed, it MUST be applied within one hour.
  • Touch dry after 20 minutes
  • Full Curing Time: 21 Days

    Safety Precautions

    Do not use this product without first taking all appropriate safety measures. (Refer to Safety Data Sheet) Keep out of reach of children. Limitation of liability: The information in this data sheet is based upon tests that we believe to be accurate and is intended for guidance only. Dry Tech Aerogels have no control over either quality or condition of the substrate affecting the use of the product, therefor Dry Tech Aerogels does not accept any liability arising from loss, injury or damage resulting from such use for the contents of this data sheet.

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