Cleaning Dust Settler

Product Information

Dust Settler is a cutting edge, eco-friendly, high performance dust suppressant liquid with a proprietary 4 system mode of action. Provides superior dust suppression while saving costs and increasing on-site safety.

Potential Features

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Save Costs
  • Superior Dust Suppression


    The nature and volume of traffic on the road, together with climate will determine the frequency and dosage of re-application. Only once initial treatment is done and has been monitored for dust fall the frequency of reapplication can be established.


  • Dilute with water
  • Sandy Soils with high absorption ability – a 10% solution of Dust Settler can be sprayed onto road or dusty areas
  • Clay containing soils with rapid absorption a 5% solution of Dust Settler must be applied
  • Use a hand sprayer or a water bowser to apply Dust Settler

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