Atom8 Cationic Filter Medium

Product Information

Cationic Filter Medium is a unique volcanic mineral sourced in South Africa. Being much harder and more porous than most other minerals, this ore is ideally suited for producing some remarkable eco-friendly products in applications such as: pollution-control, water treatment, swimming pool/pond filtration, farming and nuclear clean-up.

Dry Tech Aerogels cationic filtration systems stand for high durability, and error-free operation, as well as the highest quality and microbiological purity of your water. Specifically designed for water, our dedicated product ranges provide an optimal solution for every filtration application, all the way to final filtration.

Benefit from our cationic expertise and experience to bring you the best quality. Water needs to be filtered to ensure safe drinking and to conform to stringent health regulations around the world. In the case of process water, filtration is used to assure uncontaminated water. Even if there is pollution upstream, our filtration products help to contribute to safe water.

Potential Features

  • Used in the filtration of water supplies and sewage effluent
  • Acts as a molecular sieve which absorbs cations
  • Making hard water soft water
  • Inhibits algae growth in ponds and dams
  • Filter underground water to perfection
  • Clean tap water for drinking
  • Clean Industrial water
  • Cationic is a direct substitute for outdated filter sand or glass in swimming pool filters
  • Absorbs ammonia
  • Reduces your pool’s chlorine demand
  • No more red, burning eyes
  • No more unpleasant “pool smell”
  • Absorbs and holds harmful heavy metals such as lead


  • Remove Sand from Filter
  • Clean filter thoroughly
  • Use Cationic Filter Medium to fill filter to the required mark
  • Never use chemicals again
  • Replace every 6/12 months, depending on level of contamination

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