Atom8 Animal Litter Gorger

Product Information

Chemical-free non-corrosive poultry litter treatment for incredible ammonia, pathogen, and odour control. Might increase poultry health by forming a continuously working protective biological barrier.


  • Shake product well before use
  • Concentrated – Dilution 1:100
  • Seal the Animal Enclosure after the animals are removed to maintain a higher temperature
  • Micro-organisms are more effective in warmer temperature
  • Ventilated before re-entry for service, or if moisture begins to condensate in the house.
  • Apply Animal Litter Gorger immediately after de-caking/removal of litter, at the rate of 1 litre peer 400 square meters. For each litre of concentrate dilute with 9 litres of water. After diluting wait 30 minutes before applying.
  • Use a clean pressure sprayer which has not been previously contaminated by disinfectants.
  • Evenly cover the entire surface of the bed with spray. Ideally seal the house for 24 hours after the bed with spray. Ideally seal the house for 24 hours after the application.
  • Follow the standard ventilation program before and after animal placement.
  • Only mix required amount and use mixture within 24 hours

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