Atom8 Agri H2O Stretch

Product Information

(In aid for Extended Freshness and Climate Protection of fruits, vegetable, eggs etc.) A novel antimicrobial ZnO nanoparticles-added polysaccharide edible coating for the preservation of postharvest fruits, vegetables, eggs etc. under ambient conditions. The postharvest loss of fresh fruits and vegetables are estimated to be around 20–30%. Given the perishable nature of fruits and vegetables, the use of cold storage is necessary to delay changes related to ripening, such as ethylene making, softening, pigment changes, respiration rate, acidity changes and a decrease in weight. However, cold storage is not enough to preserve fruits and vegetables quality at optimum levels during transportation, often leading to the incidence of severe chilling injury symptoms. Therefore the appropriate postharvest technologies combined with cold storage are needed.

Characteristics of edible coatings

Edible coatings or films that is effective and sustainable in preventing the waste of millions of tons of fruits and vegetables resulting from decay and deterioration. Edible coatings have gained significant attention due to the advantageous properties they offer and their ability to extend fruit and vegetable shelflife. These coatings are a novel type of primary packaging made from biological compounds like polysaccharides, proteins, lipids, and other polymers.


  • Shake product well before use
  • Produce can be washed or spay onto produce will leave an edible Nano film on produce

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